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weeknotes 98: notes

·1 min
  • created a new “notes” section on my website. i don’t know exactly how i intend to use it yet, i just know i’ve occasionally wanted to refer to one of my obsidian notes in a blog post. but i don’t want to create a separate blog post for the note to do that, and my “lab” section doesn’t feel like the right place either (its kinda more for technical stuff). i guess the gist of it is i’ll slowly turn some private notes into public notes.
  • made some plans for a series of projects and blogged about it: data pipeline plans
  • worked on my geolab database bootstrap scripts, per my data pipeline plans.
  • played around with Model Builder in QGIS for the first time (via 30DaysOfQGIS). i like it.

weeknotes 97: what weeknotes is it?

·1 min
  • i haven’t wrote a weeknotes post for months, so i wrote the script i knew i’d inevitably write to tell me what week number i should use, as per my new naming convention described in weeknotes 60
  • i’ve started following along with 30DaysOfQGIS from Spatial Thoughts as lately i don’t feel like i’ve spent enough time doing stuff in QGIS, so this should tend to that
  • implemented “collections” logic on – now the “blog” vs “weeknotes” split on my homepage is powered by a collections frontmatter key rather than the type one. the theory behind doing this is i can link sets of posts together and call them a collection or series (or just call them categories, the classic accompaniment to tags) and then have links to “other posts in this collection” at the side of a blog post. adds a form of discoverability to things without me having to explicitly link to related posts. not implemented that bit yet though. coming soon™
$ python build/

use weeknotes-97 for Wednesday 15 May 2024      [1 days ago]

today is Thursday 16 May 2024

use weeknotes-98 for Wednesday 22 May 2024      [6 days away]

jumanji what year is it

weeknotes: week 11

Things I got up to in the last week:

And some more words about a few of those…

GEOG 868: Mapping the Class Roster

class roster map

In Lesson 3 of GEOG 868 I played around with PostgreSQL and PostGIS for the first time. For the project at the end you are given a class_roster.txt file that contains a list of students and their postal codes. The task was to join that with data provided earlier in the lesson and then plot the students’ locations on a map in QGIS. Here’s how I went about doing that.