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extrapolating the edges of a bounding box

·2 mins

I woke up thinking about a fragment of a map the other day, and it occurred to me that what I was picturing could probably be made using geometry generators in QGIS. I was picturing something like this:

sketch of my idea

So I thought I’d have a whack at making it.

weeknotes: week 11

Things I got up to in the last week:

And some more words about a few of those…

GEOG 868: Mapping the Class Roster

class roster map

In Lesson 3 of GEOG 868 I played around with PostgreSQL and PostGIS for the first time. For the project at the end you are given a class_roster.txt file that contains a list of students and their postal codes. The task was to join that with data provided earlier in the lesson and then plot the students’ locations on a map in QGIS. Here’s how I went about doing that.