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weeknotes 60: epoch

·2 mins

I decided to start doing weeknotes again, again. I’ll absolutely definitely stop doing them again sometime soon as well, probably. Nevertheless, here I am starting again.

This time I come bearing a quirk in the naming / numbering scheme of my weeknotes. It is inspired by the weaknotes of Alice Bartlett. When I noticed she titles her weaknotes with an ever incrementing number, I was reminded of this “osgav epoch” thing I added to my blog a while ago (although I’m not currently displaying it prominently next to blog post titles on the homepage right now like I did i the past, but it’s still lurking in the background) and thought oh cool I want to copy that! It was sort of the final straw on the camel’s back, a camel that has been meaning to revive weeknotes efforts for a little while.

My intentions for my weeknotes are pretty similar to before: project stuff and adventures in exploring the world of GIS. I also intend to try and include the odd little thing here and there that isn’t projects and GIS stuff… like “personal” stuff. But as I soon as I say that I tend to shy away, so we’ll see how that goes…

Oh yeah, why “weeknotes 60”? I wrote my first weeknotes post on Wednesday 13th July 2022, as I had just been enjoying a course that ran with Wednesday’s as the first day of each new week / unit. And I liked that. Not everything has to rollover on a Monday. So if I consider that first post as looking back at the week before it and calling that week 1, then that makes this week week 60.