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weeknotes 61: an innocuous footbridge

·1 min

What did the 61st week since I wrote my first weeknotes post bring…

  • read The Mystery of Bloomfield Bridge – a thoroughly investigated and well told story about an innocuous footbridge, I highly recommend it
  • did some personal “trimester review” stuff aka looking back and reflecting and looking ahead and planning and such
  • made a few tweaks to CSS (links, code formatting, some headings)
  • installed the Obsidian Kanban plugin to better manage my notes around “stuff I want to do” with and got all my existing notes migrated into a new kanban board, so far so good…
  • got distracted part way through that and started playing with one of my ideas (about “collections” and being able to group certain blog posts together, like weeknotes for example)
  • a very beautiful old atlas I won at auction arrived :D I’ve been meaning to post about the atlases I’ve won at auction on here but haven’t got around to it yet, whenever I do I look forward to sharing this belter
  • went on the third field trip for a new data collection project I recently started, that makes use of Mergin Maps for the data collection bit – more to come on this project soon™