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Lab Notes #

I’ve been swithering about how to use this portion of my website - I knew I wanted a “reference” section of some sort to accompany blog posts, and somewhere to generally experiment with my content. Until I stumbled across this I was unsure what I was really doing here - Geoff eloquently explained my scattered thoughts to me, which boil down to:

If it’s worth writing, it’s worth keeping. The only safe bet at this stage is markdown and git.

Similarly the words on blogumentation over here also resonated with me - and so in my Lab I shall maintain a collection of notes, references, cheatsheets and links - which I shall add to and update over time, separately and/or alongside blog posts…

code #

CoffeeScript (Hubot)

command line #

CLI cheatsheet

CLIdatabasedockerenvironment & shellgittmuxtreeweb

runbooks #

runbookcollab Markdeep template
runbookcollab Markdeep template apidoc

rundeck #

Rundeck CloudFormation

this blog #

Hugo Date Operations (osgav epoch)
Mermaid Diagrams on Hugo Blog: Runbook and System Operations Manual Blog: Cheatsheet
Hugo Platform Runbook
Hugo Build and Publish Workflow
Hugo Markdown Cheatsheet

visualization #


#100DaysOfCode #

days #100DaysOfCode in Python
01-03-datetimes code

software engineering #