created: 20/01/2019
updated: 02/02/2019

lets see how much longer than 100 days this takes…

2019 Jan 20 Sunday

2019 Jan 24-26 Thursday-Saturday

  • … started desk/ccc/ (uses datetime!)

2019 Jan 27 Sunday

  • 04-06-collections - playing with the jupyter notebook and movies_csv
  • (add my modified ipynb to github and link here)
  • … try to use collections in NLTKcmd ?
  • … use the Movie data from the exercise and load plot_keywords for each film or something?

2019 Feb 2 Saturday

  • wrote more of desk/ccc/ script, nearing completion - just draft ts and draft undraft commands to go…
  • did you know: python subprocess: avoid zombie processes by calling terminate() and wait() - or poll() and communicate() in other circumstances - rather than firing up the kill or pkill command in another process…