created: 19/01/2019
updated: 19/01/2019

I wanted to make an ‘osgav epoch’ counter thing, and so I did, like so…

(see Blog Archive on my tags page)

<h6>blog archive</h6>
<br />
$pages := (where (where .Site.Pages "Type" "post") "IsPage" true) 
range first 99 $pages 
  $t := (time "2016-06-05") 
  <!-- date of first post -->
  $delta := $t.Sub (time .Date) 
  $osgav_epoch_negative := int (div $delta.Hours 24)
  $osgav_epoch := int (sub 0 $osgav_epoch_negative)       
  <a href=" .Permalink "> .Date.Format "2006"  [ $osgav_epoch ]  .Title </a>
  <br />
{{ end }}

So 2016-06-05 is date of first post as mentioned, but why is there a 2006 reference at the end?

There is a fun quirk in Hugo (Go) date formatting:

I shared madboa’s sentiment Wacky, eh?