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weeknotes 70: tokyo

·1 min
  • did some catsitting for my friends who were out of town for a few days
  • did some more prep for my upcoming holiday
  • started figuring out how to integrate Leaflet into my Hugo website – this is in anticipation of shuffling a data collection project I’ve mentioned vaguely in the past along to the web map phase
  • spent some time sorting my RSS subscriptions in Inoreader – they’ve been one long list for quite a while and I figured I’d finally make a few folders and group the ones I read more regularly into one spot on the list, so far I can’t believe I didn’t do this ages ago
  • started reading a pop-up newsletter by Craig Mod about walking through Tokyo – I discovered this through a blog post from Tracy Durnell who I follow via RSS

weeknotes: week 10

Things I’ve gotten up to since my last weeknotes:

A few more words about each of those…


Congo is a slick Hugo theme, which I’ve just started using on my site. RIP my hacked up Casper theme. Congo is built with Tailwind CSS, which I look forward to getting to know better.

Mermaid Diagrams

·8 mins
graph LR; A(Mermaid) B(Diagrams) C(Are) D(Awesome) A-->B; B-->C; C-->D; style B fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px click B "" "Mermaid!"

Hugo TravisCI Pipeline Broken?

·2 mins


If your .travis.yml install section looks like this and the build is failing to install Hugo…

 - go get

…then try updating it to download a specific version of the hugo binary:

- export VER=0.18.1
- wget${VER}/hugo_${VER}_Linux-64bit.tar.gz
- tar xvzf hugo_${VER}_Linux-64bit.tar.gz
- mkdir -p $GOPATH/bin
- cp hugo_${VER}_linux_amd64/hugo_${VER}_linux_amd64 $GOPATH/bin/hugo

Why? Read on…

hugo --> AWS -->

Why migrate to AWS? #

As well as catching up on drafted blog posts last weekend, I migrated this blog from GitHub Pages, KloudSec, Domain Registrar’s DNS & Let’s Encrypt to Amazon Web Services: S3, CloudFront, Route53 & Certificate Manager. I also introduced Travis CI and continued using GitHub for version control (but no longer hosting). This migration to AWS was in light of one of my apprehensions about KloudSec unfortunately materializing - it was a fairly small and new company and has recently ceased to exist. As such my Let’s Encrypt certificate had expired and was no longer auto-renewed by KloudSec so my blog was showing a HTTPS error when you visited it - boo. Time to pay for a risky design choice…

hugo -->

·4 mins
I stumbled across the Hugo static site generator recently and after reading a little and watching a short video (01:08) I thought it looked pretty interesting and worth trying out.


·1 min

ZER0D0TS is my username on Twitter and an old WordPress blog I never really used. May it rest in peace. This blog on the other hand I shall keep alive with a slow drip of posts and curious projects… the first of which, shall be the infamous how I set up this blog post!

For now, this hugo markdown cheatsheet is a taster of the sort of things I’m going to do to make blogging easier for myself.