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weeknotes 69: redesigning

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It’s one of those weeks where I didn’t get up to much that I feel like rambling about.

But I did redesign the footer of my website. And I’m pretty pleased with how that turned out. I’m enjoying learning more about layouts in CSS using flex (and implementing them with Tailwind).

new footer design vs old footer design
new footer design vs old footer design

I’m as pleased with this as I am the site header redesign that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I realise I said I was ridiculously excited about that and then I haven’t said anything about it since publishing it, but that’s only because it’ll be a blog post rather than a weeknotes, and well, I’m good at procrastinating those.

weeknotes 64: torrential rain

Stuff from the last week:

I’ve been running through my ankiboxes and considering the purposes of my different IW queues and associated ankiboxes a little more closely.

I redesigned part of my homepage. The “recent feed” part now has two columns – one for blog posts and another for weeknotes. Both of these things live under the /blog/ section of my site but I figured out a way to list them separately as well as altogether, as demonstrated by my new homepage and my new index pages: blog.html and weeknotes.html and archives.html

I started a new lab page – my first since 2019 apparently – for “geolab” my personal PostGIS server. I’ll be adding to this incrementally as I refine my slightly messier note I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

I managed to get caught in torrential rain twice in the last week. The second time I was slightly more prepared and had an umbrella, but honestly I didn’t end up that much better off ha!


Congo is a slick Hugo theme, which I’ve just started using on my site. RIP my hacked up Casper theme. Congo is built with Tailwind CSS, which I look forward to getting to know better.