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weeknotes 98: notes

·1 min
  • created a new “notes” section on my website. i don’t know exactly how i intend to use it yet, i just know i’ve occasionally wanted to refer to one of my obsidian notes in a blog post. but i don’t want to create a separate blog post for the note to do that, and my “lab” section doesn’t feel like the right place either (its kinda more for technical stuff). i guess the gist of it is i’ll slowly turn some private notes into public notes.
  • made some plans for a series of projects and blogged about it: data pipeline plans
  • worked on my geolab database bootstrap scripts, per my data pipeline plans.
  • played around with Model Builder in QGIS for the first time (via 30DaysOfQGIS). i like it.

weeknotes 64: torrential rain

Stuff from the last week:

I’ve been running through my ankiboxes and considering the purposes of my different IW queues and associated ankiboxes a little more closely.

I redesigned part of my homepage. The “recent feed” part now has two columns – one for blog posts and another for weeknotes. Both of these things live under the /blog/ section of my site but I figured out a way to list them separately as well as altogether, as demonstrated by my new homepage and my new index pages: blog.html and weeknotes.html and archives.html

I started a new lab page – my first since 2019 apparently – for “geolab” my personal PostGIS server. I’ll be adding to this incrementally as I refine my slightly messier note I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

I managed to get caught in torrential rain twice in the last week. The second time I was slightly more prepared and had an umbrella, but honestly I didn’t end up that much better off ha!