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 created: 04/01/2019 updated: 09/03/2019 git twitter thread with lots of git log commands `git log` is arguably the most useful git command of all, yet I only ever use: `git log -S` `git log -L` `git log --oneline --abbrev-commit` What are some of the others I ought to know? — Cindy Sridharan (@copyconstruct) August 26, 2018 reverting other cheatsheets https://gist.
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hugo --> AWS -->


Why migrate to AWS?
Hugo –> S3
S3 –> CloudFront (+ ACM)
HTTP 403
HTTP 403 (moar)

Why migrate to AWS?

As well as catching up on drafted blog posts last weekend, I migrated this blog from GitHub Pages, KloudSec, Domain Registrar’s DNS & Let’s Encrypt to Amazon Web Services: S3, CloudFront, Route53 & Certificate Manager. I also introduced Travis CI and continued using GitHub for version control (but no longer hosting). This migration to AWS was in light of one of my apprehensions about KloudSec unfortunately materializing - it was a fairly small and new company and has recently ceased to exist. As such my Let’s Encrypt certificate had expired and was no longer auto-renewed by KloudSec so my blog was showing a HTTPS error when you visited it - boo. Time to pay for a risky design choice…

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hugo -->

 I stumbled across the Hugo static site generator recently and after reading a little and watching a short video (01:08) I thought it looked pretty interesting and worth trying out. It’s a fairly light blogging platform which can be used with GitHub Pages, which can then be topped with another service to provide SSL via a Let’s Encrypt certificate. I’m still not 100% sure about the service hooking me up with the Let’s Encrypt SSL at the moment - we’ll see how it goes.
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