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weeknotes: osgav redesign

Hello from week 39 of 2022.

I redesigned my website! That was a surprise. When I’ve had that itch before, I usually browse the Hugo Themes site and imagine what it might be like to one day be bothered enough to follow through on the concept. Then I forget about it. This time I actually selected a new theme and ran with it! And I’m pretty pleased with the result.

My hacked up Casper theme has been retired to make way for a hacked up Congo theme, which you may have noticed via the first “link post” on my site that I posted yesterday.

A couple of weeknotes ago I mentioned I’d save further rambles about my redesign for once it was live, which it now is. I’m still going to hang on to those for now, as I suspect at least one is going to be its own blog post.

As for what else I’ve been up to – not a great deal outside of playing with my website!

In the last couple of days I’ve continued familiarising myself with setting up a PostGIS server on DigitalOcean. This has involved sticking doctl commands into bash scripts and pretending they are worthy of being referred to as server provisioning scripts.

Most recently I’ve added Tailscale into the mix so that I may easily access my new servers in the cloud from my laptop and my desktop. So far I very much like what I see here.