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weeknotes 70: tokyo

·1 min
  • did some catsitting for my friends who were out of town for a few days
  • did some more prep for my upcoming holiday
  • started figuring out how to integrate Leaflet into my Hugo website – this is in anticipation of shuffling a data collection project I’ve mentioned vaguely in the past along to the web map phase
  • spent some time sorting my RSS subscriptions in Inoreader – they’ve been one long list for quite a while and I figured I’d finally make a few folders and group the ones I read more regularly into one spot on the list, so far I can’t believe I didn’t do this ages ago
  • started reading a pop-up newsletter by Craig Mod about walking through Tokyo – I discovered this through a blog post from Tracy Durnell who I follow via RSS

weeknotes 63: capturing

·2 mins

I’ve been thinking about the capture workflow of my notetaking system a lot in the last week, and working on refining it, so that I can use it more effectively… as the concept of Collector’s Fallacy has felt particularly resonant lately.

I finished archiving all my Inoreader RSS starred items, so I have a clean slate / zero starred items in Inoreader now. This should theoretically / hopefully lead to more effective processing of newly starred items from my browsing… I use this Inoreader CLI (with a few modifications) to save my starred items from Inoreader into my INBOX folder in Obsidian. Once I’ve downloaded the recently starred items, I can make notes with them and reference them and whatever else, and then unstar them in Inoreader, paving the way for the next batch. That’s the theory at least!

Once something is in my INBOX folder, it is also in my ankibox. I’ve started experimenting with additional ankiboxes too now (based on items I’ve been adding to different IW queues for a while). I expect I’ll write more about this in the future, but so far ankibox has led to navel gazing about ankibox. But it feels like useful pondering at this point in time, as I try to figure out where the whole ankibox concept best fits within my capture workflow or “knowledge cycle”…

weeknotes 62: archiving starred items

·1 min