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Hugo Markdown Cheatsheet

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created: 11/06/2016
updated: 04/01/2019

update: Hugo doesn’t seem to like blog posts with dates far in the future anymore. Sticking the actual cheatsheet in the lab now.

TL;DR there is a cheatsheet for Hugo Markdown available in my github, transcribed from a guide here (not all of it mind) and a couple of bits from gohugo docs.

You can make this particularly handy by keeping a post like this:

$ tree osgav/content
├── page
│   ├── 
│   └──
└── post

Keep a copy of as a draft post, with a date in the future - this will make it the most recent post in your blog, so it will be the first post you see when testing locally with hugo server (and passing in the --buildDrafts parameter).

$ head content/post/
author = "osgav"
date = "2070-01-01T00:00:00Z"
draft = true
slug = "cheatsheet"
tags = ["formatting-cheatsheet-dont-undraft"]
title = "cheatsheet"


hugo cheatsheet draft
hugo cheatsheet