GNU Terry Pratchett through the Looking Glasses


“A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.”

One day I discovered the existence of Looking Glasses. It was so long ago now that I don’t remember exactly what led to it, but I know I found and became quite intrigued by it.

A Looking Glass is a system that network operators might use to find out Internet routing and BGP-related information. They provide insight into how a particular router connects the Autonomous Systems that make up the internet.

But this post isn’t about Looking Glasses, it’s about something else I found. So back to my story…

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RandomNote for Joplin



I made a RandomNote for Joplin button for macOS. You can find the bash, python and AppleScript concoction here.

Apologies to non-macOS Joplin users, I have not made any other verions of this.

But if you like sticking things together, the bash and python elements could be of use to you…

What’s RandomNote?

I discovered the concept of “RandomNote” via Tiago Forte’s PARA series. To describe it at surface level: he created a button that opens a random note from his Evernote notes.

The purpose of such a button is to aid in serendipitous rediscovery of your old notes. That’s not going much deeper, to be honest. To see what inspired me into action I encourage you to read Tiago’s post about it. He has a way with words which I do not.

The rest of this post is an extension of the “API / Automation Friendly” criteria from my OneNote vs Joplin blog post.

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 created: 27/01/2019 updated: 09/03/2019 python things General (found colorlog here) Specific async cheatsheets cli building beautiful command line interfaces with python CmdModule begins database sqlalchemy alembic: eval formatting strings environment (pyenv) jupyter misc https://github.
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#100DaysOfCode in Python

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 created: 20/01/2019 updated: 02/02/2019 lets see how much longer than 100 days this takes… 2019 Jan 20 Sunday started here found the github … 01-03-datetimes 2019 Jan 24-26 Thursday-Saturday … started desk/ccc/ (uses datetime!) 2019 Jan 27 Sunday 04-06-collections - playing with the jupyter notebook and movies_csv (add my modified ipynb to github and link here) … try to use collections in NLTKcmd ?
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