RandomNote for Joplin



I made a RandomNote for Joplin button for macOS. You can find the bash, python and AppleScript concoction here.

Apologies to non-macOS Joplin users, I have not made any other verions of this.

But if you like sticking things together, the bash and python elements could be of use to you…

What’s RandomNote?

I discovered the concept of “RandomNote” via Tiago Forte’s PARA series. To describe it at surface level: he created a button that opens a random note from his Evernote notes.

The purpose of such a button is to aid in serendipitous rediscovery of your old notes. That’s not going much deeper, to be honest. To see what inspired me into action I encourage you to read Tiago’s post about it. He has a way with words which I do not.

The rest of this post is an extension of the “API / Automation Friendly” criteria from my OneNote vs Joplin blog post.


CLI environment & shell

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 created: 04/01/2019 updated: 09/03/2019 which, compgen when which doesn’t find a command… remember compgen https://michael-kehoe.io/post/command-of-the-day-1-compgen/ compgen -a: List of user aliases -b: List of built-in shell commands -c: List of all commands you can run -e: List of shell variables -k: List of built-in shell keywords -A function: List of available bash functions and type https://salferrarello.com/command-line-which-wrong-result/ command-line python tool which combines *top commands https://www. »

CLI tree

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  created: 04/01/2019 updated: 04/01/2019 tree, jq tree -J : output the directory tree as JSON formatted array tree -J | jq -c . : make nice green and blue art in your terminal »

CLI web

 created: 04/01/2019 updated: 09/03/2019 http://jsonlint.com/ Convert curl syntax to Python, Node.js, R, PHP, Go »

Command Line Interface

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 created: 04/01/2019 updated: 04/01/2019 I started with a single CLI Lab note but then split them out - I’ll almost definitely make changes to this again in future, so leaving this currently useless page here. »