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Fix Rundeck Export Archive

·1 min

Seeing an error when trying to Export Archive for one of your Rundeck projects?

Project export request failed: Could not create temp file for archive: No such file or directory

You might be missing your Rundeck “temp directory” which has a straightforward fix…

Recent Ansible Adventures

·5 mins

Oops #

So I recently picked up my Rundeck project again. My “production” instance has been running mostly* A-OK for many months now - except for 1 blip, it has got off easy. I’ve been using it as an unusual home for my own “documentation” of sorts. My plan for a third Rundeck blog post has been on the back-burner for a while, now beneath a virtual pile of other drafts. Now seemed good a time as any to resume my blog plans, starting where I left off!

My original plan was adding to the playbook so it configured the Rundeck Ansible Plugin as well. Ansible configuring Ansible. Instead of diving into the original plan I thought I’d re-familiarize myself with one layer of Ansible first.

As it happened, I had the inspiration I needed to start working on a money-saving playbook…

Rundeck on AWS Part II: Ansible

·3 mins

Following on from Part I, I’ve now starting writing an Ansible playbook for creating a Rundeck server in AWS - which can currently provision and terminate a Rundeck server. No more CloudFormation to deploy a new instance woohoo!

Rundeck on AWS Part I: CloudFormation

·3 mins

Then… #

A few months ago I started playing around with Rundeck - a platform for runbook automation, job scheduling, incident response, post-build deployment automation, environment provisioning, data processing jobs and anything you like really it seems, according to its website.

This all sounded very interesting so I set about trying out the vagrant image locally at first, then quickly decided I’d like to get an instance running in AWS with the EC2 plugin so I could control a few nodes with it and really test it out…