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Fix Rundeck Export Archive

·1 min

Seeing an error when trying to Export Archive for one of your Rundeck projects?

Project export request failed: Could not create temp file for archive: No such file or directory

You might be missing your Rundeck “temp directory” which has a straightforward fix…

The fix? Create it!

  • check /etc/rundeck/profile to see what your temp directory is set to:
$ grep TEMPDIR= /etc/rundeck/profile

  • check if temp directory exists, create it if not:
$ dir=/tmp/rundeck
$ if [ -d $dir ]; then echo "already exists"; else mkdir $dir; fi
$ if [ -d $dir ]; then echo "already exists"; else mkdir $dir; fi
already exists
  • try exporting a project again and it should now work   🎉

Discovered via rundeck-discuss!topic/rundeck-discuss/Mw8D8kvTkzA

See also: Rundeck docs