# ***CLI cheatsheet*** **`created: 09/03/2019`**
**`updated: 09/03/2019`** [[back to Lab: root](/lab/root.html)] --- # **environment & shell** [[back to Lab: CLI environment & shell](/lab/cli-env-shell.html)] ## compgen ``` compgen -a: List of user aliases -b: List of built-in shell commands -c: List of all commands you can run -e: List of shell variables -k: List of built-in shell keywords -A function: List of available bash functions ``` # **docker** [[back to Lab: CLI docker](/lab/cli-docker.html)] ## remove dangling images ``` docker rmi $(docker images -q -f dangling=true) ``` # **git** [[back to Lab: CLI git](/lab/cli-git.html)] ## history ``` compact: git log --oneline just commit messages increasing verbosity: git log can also see author/date git log --nameonly can also see filenames git log --stat can also see insertions/deletions more details: git whatchanged 'git log' + file permissions changes git log -p 'git log' + diffs graphs: git log --graph --oneline --decorate --date=relative --all git log --graph --pretty=format:'\''%C(auto) %h | %s | %an | %ar%d'\''' ``` # **tmux** [[back to Lab: CLI tmux](/lab/cli-tmux.html)] ``` Ctrl-b c create new window Ctrl-b w list windows Ctrl-b s list sessions Ctrl-b z maximize/restore panel Ctrl-b % split panel vertically Ctrl-b " split panel horizontally ``` # **tree** [[back to Lab: CLI tree](/lab/cli-tree.html)] # **web** [[back to Lab: CLI web](/lab/cli-web.html)] ## wget ``` { wget -S osgav.run -O - > /dev/null; } 2>&1 | grep HTTP/ ```