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Hugo Platform Runbook

·2 mins

created: 12/06/2016

This is my runbook for operating my blog, based on the scripts I wrote to help with hugo building and publishing, you can read about these here:

Hugo Build and Publish Workflow
Hugo Markdown Cheatsheet

download source and website –>

> HTTPS authentication until I set up SSH authentication
> Run from vagrant virtual machine at /vagrant/workbench
$ git clone osgav-source
$ git clone osgav-root-public

view cheatsheet –>

$ cd osgav-source
$ ./hugo/01-serve-withdrafts
> view blog in browser at - cheatsheet is latest post

create new content and iterate on it –>

$ cd osgav-source
$ ./hugo/01-serve-withdrafts
> open another terminal
$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /vagrant/workbench/osgav-source
$ hugo -t casper new post/
$ vi content/post/
> update content and save
> view blog in browser
> update content and save
> view blog in browser...

publish content –>

$ ./hugo/02-serve
> preview content locally
> if your post/page is missing, then try
$ hugo undraft post/
$ ./hugo/03-publish-stage
$ ./hugo/04-publish-prod "posting next new post!"

unpublish content –>

> same as publishing content
> but set draft = true in post/page front matter
> then publish again

update existing content (typo, update image) –>

> edit image accordingly and save it
> if image filename has changed, update posts/pages referencing filename
> update posts/pages with typo
$ ./hugo/02-serve
> preview content locally if necessary - unlikely for typo
$ ./hugo/03-publish-stage
$ ./hugo/04-publish-prod "update typo in last post"