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weeknotes: GIS 101

·2 mins

So I’ve decided to give weeknotes a go.

What are weeknotes?

At the most basic level they are posts on someone’s blog that generally appear each week. What about a level up from that? Well, they tend to contain some account of what the author of the post got up to in the last week. That might take the form of a detailed list of activities, such as events attended, work completed, or personal endeavours enjoyed. It might also be more reflective, a form of journaling, how things in the last week made one feel. Indeed a weeknote could be a mixture of those things, and more, or less. They are whatever the author makes of them.

I’m going to give them a go, at least for a little while, as a way to encourage myself to write about what I’m getting up with regards to exploring the world of GIS.