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weeknotes 68: conclusions and introductions

·4 mins

It’s Friday. I’ve slipped again – I try to write these on Wednesdays. But hey ho, writing one now is better than skipping it. Why is it better than skipping it? Why do I write weeknotes in the first place? I’ve been pondering that a little bit lately.

weeknotes 65: internet infrastructure

·2 mins

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been meaning to revisit a link I saved a long time ago, about different formats of weeknotes.

That link was:

Ok I’ve re-read it now. The phrase stream of consciousness jumped out at me. I am familiar with this phrase as it’s something I spend plenty of time doing in my notes in Obsidian. And I feel like doing some stream of consciousness rambling instead of bullet points this week. Actually… it appears it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done just bullet points so I guess that isn’t new. In fact I will do some bullets. Here:

  • I had a look at an old project that I haven’t yet shared on here but did mention back in May – my first time dabbling with Leaflet, recreating what I made in “extrapolating the edges of a bounding box” – as I want to finish it up, i.e. post it on here then try some more stuff with Leaflet
  • I did a little bit of work on my geolab PostGIS database (but not anything that merited a further update to the new lab page I created recently)
  • went on another field trip for the data collection project I mentioned a few weeks ago
  • visited a friend and watched the entirety of season 16 of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • started reading Networks of New York which is a really cool project by Ingrid Burrington (if you like reading and thinking about internet infrastructure)
  • did some admin stuff for an upcoming holiday

weeknotes 60: epoch

·2 mins

I decided to start doing weeknotes again, again. I’ll absolutely definitely stop doing them again sometime soon as well, probably. Nevertheless, here I am starting again.

weeknotes: GIS 101

·2 mins

So I’ve decided to give weeknotes a go.

What are weeknotes?

At the most basic level they are posts on someone’s blog that generally appear each week. What about a level up from that? Well, they tend to contain some account of what the author of the post got up to in the last week. That might take the form of a detailed list of activities, such as events attended, work completed, or personal endeavours enjoyed. It might also be more reflective, a form of journaling, how things in the last week made one feel. Indeed a weeknote could be a mixture of those things, and more, or less. They are whatever the author makes of them.

I’m going to give them a go, at least for a little while, as a way to encourage myself to write about what I’m getting up with regards to exploring the world of GIS.