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weeknotes: week 18

Some notes on the last couple of weeks:

  • worked on my Mergin Maps data collection project – it’s now ready for the field…
  • figured out why my map in Mergin Maps was being really slow – it was some Draw Effects I put on one of the layers! so nothing to do with the level of detail in some layers, i.e. playing around with Simplify didn’t help
  • published extrapolating the edges of a bounding box (which is the map I started recreating with Leaflet recently)
  • played around with adding custom fonts to my website (not yet live though)
  • attended webinar: Cambridge Seminar series on History of Cartography
    • The Maps that Made History: Collections of Leiden University Library
  • attended webinar: University of Miami Special Collections, Conversations on Cartography
    • Ballerinas, Butterflies, and Bucky Balls: Three Architects Redesign the World Map for the Modern Age
  • acquired a Raspberry Pi 400 woohoo!
  • installed fzf and messed around with it a bit