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I added a changelog page to my website

·1 min

Tadaaa! I added a changelog. I’ve been thinking about doing that for a while now. Now it’s done. Woohoo :)

One of the sites out there that inspired me was – that’s probably the most recent site changelog I found that made me think “yeah I want to add one of these”. I think one of the first ones was Dorian Taylor’s website diary but that’s a little different to a changelog.

My intention for the changelog is that it will list fairly concise statements about changes I have made. Not rambling entries about why I did something, or related thoughts, and future plans and the like. That junk should be in a blog post if anywhere at all. I do have a private “website diary” note in my notetaking system where is where that sort of stuff currently ends up. Perhaps this addition of a changelog will encourage me to ramble write about tweaks to my website a little more. I mean, it’s off to a good start – the words you’re reading now started off in my website diary note and then I realised I’d be as well put them in a blog post, and here we are.