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Ingrid Burrington

weeknotes 65: internet infrastructure

·2 mins

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been meaning to revisit a link I saved a long time ago, about different formats of weeknotes.

That link was:

Ok I’ve re-read it now. The phrase stream of consciousness jumped out at me. I am familiar with this phrase as it’s something I spend plenty of time doing in my notes in Obsidian. And I feel like doing some stream of consciousness rambling instead of bullet points this week. Actually… it appears it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done just bullet points so I guess that isn’t new. In fact I will do some bullets. Here:

  • I had a look at an old project that I haven’t yet shared on here but did mention back in May – my first time dabbling with Leaflet, recreating what I made in “extrapolating the edges of a bounding box” – as I want to finish it up, i.e. post it on here then try some more stuff with Leaflet
  • I did a little bit of work on my geolab PostGIS database (but not anything that merited a further update to the new lab page I created recently)
  • went on another field trip for the data collection project I mentioned a few weeks ago
  • visited a friend and watched the entirety of season 16 of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • started reading Networks of New York which is a really cool project by Ingrid Burrington (if you like reading and thinking about internet infrastructure)
  • did some admin stuff for an upcoming holiday