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The Glitch Gallery: Neon Giraffe

I did a thing the other day and the result wasn’t quite what I was aiming for. But it was reasonably close and looked nice anyway. I shared it on Mastodon and in the replies I was introduced to The Glitch Gallery. Now the thing I did is published in The Glitch Gallery. Wahey!

screenshot of The Glitch Gallery homepage

screenshot of my submission in The Glitch Gallery

a black canvas with a network of squiggly red lines drawn over it. the red lines have a glowing effect like neon lights. the glowing effect is more intense for some parts of some of the lines. there is a central nucleus of glowyness within the network. there is also a bunch of straight red lines that are less prominent that shouldn’t be there. oops.

While attempting to plot some lines representing the routes of buses in Edinburgh using some point-based data, I didn’t account for multiple bus routes having the same destination. This earned me some unexpected straight lines in addition to the squiggly lines I was aiming for. The glowing neon style is courtesy of QGIS with some minor tweaks.

Thank you to @stevefaeembra for the title, thank you to @danielaKay for telling me about The Glitch Gallery, and thank you to @blinry for The Glitch Gallery itself!