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weeknotes: twenty maps later...

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Look at that, it’s December already!

November fairly flew by. All I was doing really (on the GIS stuff front) was playing around with making maps for 30DayMapChallenge, so I didn’t bother with weeknotes updates. I had a lot of fun making maps for 20 of the days and seeing what other folks were posting. I have a blog post in the works to showcase my creations, but for now they can be found on Twitter (and Mastodon)!

I’ve acquired another old atlas, adding to the collection I started earlier this year. I’m looking forward to flipping through it once it arrives. I mentioned I’d post more about my atlases soon but did nothing of the sort – I have a vague notion that I’ll get around to changing that, once again, soon. (Once I return my attention to GEOG 868 and finish it, I’ll be focusing on GEOG 486 where I’ll make some time for pouring over my old atlases.)

Relatedly to old atlases, I’m rather looking forward to the next BCS Teatime Talk next week: Mapping the contents of an atlas of Siberia, 1696. Perhaps I’ll pick up some hints and tips for sharing the contents of my atlases.