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weeknotes: week 34

·2 mins

A few things I got up to this week:

  • all of GEOG 868 Lesson 4, and most of the lesson project (blog post to follow soon)
  • started working on a PostGIS reference note / cheatsheet, as Lesson 4 introduced a whole swath of spatial functions for me to get to grips with
  • posted the map of Melbourne I made in my Intro to GIS course
  • started drafting a post about the NASA ARSET course I’ve mentioned in the last few weeks
  • listened to another Mapscaping podcast (Openlayers - Geospatial JavaScript episode)
  • joined the British Cartographic Society (and about to get my ticket for the upcoming annual conference)!

So, with Lesson 4 nearly finished, I’ll be starting Lesson 5 soon. The thing about that though, is I don’t have ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap or any intention of acquiring them. This means Lesson 5 will be an exercise in picking out general concepts that are applicable outwith the Esri ecosystem, and possibly finding some equivalent material to work through (or just inventing my own if I can). In fact, I’ll be doing something similar for the remaining lessons of the course as well, as they all lead you through things from an Esri software perspective.

Then there is the Final Project – I don’t know what I’ll do for that yet. But that’s just a matter of coming up with an idea. There’s nothing that makes this part Esri specific, so that’s good.