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weeknotes: week 14

·1 min

Another short’n’sweet update:

  • finished up the Esri Cartography MOOC
  • played with Leaflet for the first time

Admittedly I didn’t get all the MOOC exercises finished – I haven’t really had a consistent rhythm when it came to working through them and I haven’t felt like ploughing through them as quickly as possible before the temporary ArcGIS licence runs out. It was interesting to get a bit of an idea of how ArcGIS differs to QGIS, and I have more plans for studying cartography more in-depth (aka GEOG 486 from PennState open courses).

Playing with Leaflet for the first time was fun – I took an idea I had a while ago from a static map I made (and am yet to write a blog about) and made it into a web map. I suspect by the time I write that first blog post, I’ll have figured out how to include a Leaflet map in my blog posts without too much effort – and that’ll pave the way for elaborating more on my first Leaflet map…