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weeknotes: ST_FirstSpatialQueries

So. Hello again.

Since my last weeknote (which was just over a week ago now, which was intentional so I can say the next bit) I’ve attended all four NASA ARSET sessions on Urban Heat Islands and Heat Vulnerability Indices! I’m not quite finished with the course yet though. There is a little bit of homework, which I have 2 weeks to complete and submit. As such, I’ll save any longer rambling reflecting on my NASA ARSET adventures until after that.

Besides that, other GIS stuff I got up to included:

  • worked through most of the rest of GEOG 868 Lesson 3 – I ran my first spatial queries (wahey!) and I’m now working on the Lesson 3 Project
  • started formulating something of a “study timetable” with a view to weaving in some cartography stuff and some spatial analysis stuff (more on those once I start them)
  • watched video 2 of 6 from PostGIS and OpenStreetMap
  • asked the folks of gischat on Twitter about new schemas vs new databases and received a handful of insightful replies that have made their way to my notes

I’ve also been using pgcli alongside pgadmin, as I can’t resist a nice CLI tool. If you use psql for stuff you might like pgcli. It has a snazzy autocomplete feature, go see the README for a preview. It’s good.