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weeknotes: UFOs and NASA

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A fairly database-focussed week. The last of the “refresher” stuff before I move onto actual spatial database stuff.

Before my University of Oxford Introduction to Mapping, Spatial Data and GIS course gets even smaller in the rear-view mirror, I’m going to share a couple of the maps I made from it very soon. The first will be from one of the weekly exercises and the second will be my map for the course assignment.

I mention this as a way of tacking on something I saw in the last week that interested me:

Some of the feedback from my tutor on my assignment included an idea for extending the analysis, and it so happens this course from NASA sounds rather useful for pursuing that idea. It also so happens to kick-off next week. So… I’m thinking I shall squeeze in as much of the recordings from prerequisite courses as I can and then wing it! We shall see how that goes…