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weeknotes 104: buzzer puzzle

·1 min

where was i again? ah yes. taking a raspberry pi project off the backburner and contemplating new projects as always. for the last few weeks i’ve been largely consumed by helping my brother with an unexpected flat hunt. it may or may not be nearing the end, next week should decide that. i am hopeful. i have viewed many flats and completed many buzzer puzzles (i should have taken a picture of the most cryptic one, alas i did not). i don’t relish the thought of more flat viewings but if needs must then flats i will view.

the space for my new raspberry pi has been prepared, but the raspberry pi is yet to move in. it will be a new neighbour for my raspberry pi that supplies power to my RIPE Atlas Proble. i’m sure they’ll get on great. more to come on the new raspberry pi soon, hopefully.