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PC Build 002: passive research

·2 mins

The last couple of months have consisted largely of what I’ve come to call passive research - aka I discovered Linus Tech Tips videos on YouTube and have watched a copius amount of them…

There has also been some more active research spliced in along the way too though - reading articles and forum posts, browsing sites like Newegg, Ebuyer, Scan and various manufacturer sites checking out the specs, prices and (un)availability of things.

Speaking of availability, I’ve become acutely aware of the terrible timing on my behalf of deciding to build a gaming PC. I was vaguely aware last year that GPUs weren’t the easiest to acquire, and that has only gotten worse. Oh well. I’ll get one eventually…

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying learning about the many advances in the world of building computers since I last looked at the inside of one. Things like modular PSUs, M.2 form factor hard drives, the crazy RGB possibilities (literally RAM and cables with flashy lights?!), snazzy gaming motherboards and their BIOS screens that look like the menu systems in an actual game ha! And, well, practically everything else as well.

After all this research, I’m ready to start buying stuff to put in the case that’s been sitting on my desk for a couple of months.