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PC Build 001: bought a Thermaltake Core V21 case

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For a couple of years I’ve had the intention of building a PC for myself – something I haven’t done in a very long time. In fact, I’ve never built a PC from scratch for myself before. Back in college, in hardware class, is the only time I’ve gone from an empty case to a working computer. Around the same time, but outside of college, I did a little bit of cobbling together the better components from old computers I could get my hands on to upgrade the computers of friends and family. But I never built my own machine.

I wasn’t really interested in doing so, is why. I had a laptop that did what I wanted and I could use that wherever I liked. Why bother with a desktop PC? The family computer is there in its corner if I want to use a desktop for whatever reason. I have my laptop though so I’m fine.

Of course if I had been into gaming I wouldn’t be saying any of this. I would undoubtedly have a different story. But I didn’t play many games at all back then, mostly flash games on the internet and a couple of “real games” that played fine on the family computer. No need for a “gaming rig” or anything like that.

However. In the last few years things have changed. I have slowly become a tiny bit more of a gamer and I enjoy a small selection of games. It started with a Steam account and it didn’t take long until I was thinking I should build a PC for gaming…

But it did take a while to actually start my PC Build project. Here we are though. At the start.

A couple of weeks ago I began searching for PC cases and last week I bought one. I’m currently waiting for a Thermaltake Core V21 to arrive, and once it does I suspect it’ll really hit me that I’ve finally started this project…

Thermaltake Core V21
Thermaltake Core V21