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weeknotes: week 41

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A short’n’sweet update this week:

  • 30DayMapChallenge: created a couple of maps I think I’ll share in November (am I “cheating” by creating them now? I don’t think so, I’ve seen people’s blog posts about how they have completed some maps during October then just shared them on the appropriate day in November…)
  • NASA ARSET: I attended the first session of another ARSET course (I’ve been meaning to write a little bit about the first course I completed but still haven’t done so, at this rate I’ll probably write one post about both these courses now?) – it’s an Air Quality monitoring via Geostationary Satellites one this time
  • GEOG 868: I’ve been slacking on my spatial databases course in the last few weeks, but I’ve been working on it again in the last few days – translating Lesson 6 from Esri-based to PostgreSQL-based