OneNote vs Joplin


As explained in my previous blog post, I have started an experiment on my notetaking methods.

Before I had the idea for that experiment I dived into using Microsoft OneNote, because I was so excited to try out P.A.R.A.

I did that because I’ve used OneNote in the past, so it was familiar. But, within a couple of days of falling further down the P.A.R.A. and Zettelkasten rabbit-hole, I changed my mind.

I found Joplin.


P.A.R.A. and Zettelkasten Experiment


Recently I decided to do something about my notes and notetaking methods.

Up until a few weeks ago, my notes were an increasingly unwieldy pile of .txt files. I was using Slack as a blackhole means of getting the odd link from my phone to my laptop.

It wasn’t great. Notes were seldom revisited. The majority of things put into Slack remained there…


Mermaid Diagrams

graph LR; A(Mermaid) B(Diagrams) C(Are) D(Awesome) A-->B; B-->C; C-->D; style B fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px click B "" "Mermaid!"


Fix Rundeck Export Archive


Seeing an error when trying to Export Archive for one of your Rundeck projects?

Project export request failed: Could not create temp file for archive: No such file or directory

You might be missing your Rundeck “temp directory” which has a straightforward fix…